Microblading, Brows, Eyeliner, Lipliner, Lip & Lash Enhancements by Stepfanie

PMU Pricing

Just an example not my work

Microblading $450


Microshading, Powder/Ombré Brows $499 Gives the makeup look not like a solid color brow or tattoo. Much nicer than old school eyebrow tattoo. 


Micro-Combo $600. Both hair like strokes & shading to give a complete finished look. Get the natural brows you love with a makeup effect  to perfect them. The best looking and longer lasting. When strokes begin to fade they will blend into the shading nicely. Gives natural strokes with makeup look as well. 


Lip Liner. $375


Full Lip Color/Enhancement $475


Eyeliner  Top $299

                      Top & Bottom $450


Freckles  $250-500


Beauty Mark  $250


Annual Touch-up (9-12 months) $300*&**

                               (13-18 months) $375*&**

*If you would like to add shading to your microblading add $100. A touch up is based on MY PREVIOUS WORK. I CHARGE FULL PRICE ON NEW CLIENTS. 


Touch ups sooner than 9 months or longer than 18 months contact me for price quotes. 


Consultation  $50 This will be deducted from your procedure if scheduled with in 6 weeks. Free consults are only the day of your procedure if you choose not to come on a different date. 



*Some of these services may include one (1) follow-up appointment and are discounted when two (2) or more NEW procedures are applied during the same sitting.





I accept Cash, The Cash App & Venmo as forms of payment. Sorry No personal checks are accepted. 


Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! MCKJSKR 


An example of a shaded brow. Not my work

Microblading with shading (my work)